Doctor Who season 10’s penultimate episode would have been great, could have been great if we hadn’t seen it all already…

“World Enough and Time” began with the strongest opening imaginable with Peter Capaldi’s regeneration in a snowy wasteland.


The TARDIS landed on a 400-mile-long colony ship (stuck in the pull of a black hole) and Missy emerged stating her name was Doctor Who.


Season seven so very nearly revealed the Time Lord’s true name and we know it’s definitely not Doctor Who. That’s the name of the TV show. He is called The Doctor.

As sated, yes it could have been Missy fooling around but with this strange decision, Moffat has taken us backwards. Again.


Within minutes of arriving on the shop, Bill is killed by the seemingly obligatory member of The Blue Man Group and, long story short, with some smart visuals and nice theory of relativity science storytelling, is turned into an original Mondasian Cyberman.

The trouble is, we knew all this already.

We knew from the trailers that S10E11 would feature Mondasian Cybermen so neither Missy’s good-old-fashioned detective work nor The Doctor’s gleefully delivered line “Mondasian Cybermen” provided any pay-off whatsoever.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 20.36.49.jpg

From the second Bill was shot and ‘killed’ we knew that she would be upgraded to a Cyberman. We knew from the trailers that The Master would return at the end so only a buffoon would not work out that the guy disguised as Slavic peasant Topol from Fiddler on the Roof was The Master. So again, no pay-off.


Also, while Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley and their evil goatee beards instilled fear in us as kids, John Simm’s The Master now seemingly prefers to mince around like a dimension-hopping Timothy Claypole from Rentaghost.


But the otherwise interetsing storyline was not only spoiled by the trailer…

It was also ruined by a feeling of what I like call:


When Danny Pink WAS TURNED INTO A CYBERMAN. That may seem an aeon ago, but it was two seasons ago, with the same Doctor and on the same showrunner’s watch.

I don’t know if Moffat has something to prove but this is two mixed race characters upgraded Cybermen in three seasons. Only he can say for sure, but it certainly seems as though he is making a statement about the only way mixed race people can fit into Britain is by conforming to uniformity.


For me, this is further evidence that both Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat are exhausted. I rewatched my favorite Capaldi episode “Into The Dalek” last night – coincidentally the one in which Danny Pink was introduced – and it was mesmerising.

The kooky, rom-com meet-cute between Clara and Danny, the cameraderie between Clara and The Doctor, it was like looking at a photo of yourself and remembering better times when you were young and fit and strong and immortal.


The storyline saw an insane Dalek undergo a Kundalini Awakening while witnessing the birth of a star as it drifts through space. The Doctor speaks directly to the camera issuing viewers with a personal message from the writers.

A request to become enlightened and see the divine beauty of The Universe.

How far we have fallen.

At the time of writing, the Doctor Who season 10 finalé is still not picture locked but is due to air on Saturday 1st June at about tea-time.