Evan Rachel Wood, the actress who coldly portrayed android Dolores in Westworld has confirmed in a Tweet that season two will debut early next year…


We have Twitter user Spotless Mind to than for the news; HBO had previously suggested that we might have to wait two years between seasons so she put pen to paper and asked the actress:

I guess Twitter is good for something after all.

Here’s the trailer again:

The first season of Westworld was as experimental as the theme park itself. There were some great ideas contained within much repetitive existential navel-gazing, but far too little action.

But however bold the series was, Jonah Nolan shot himself in the foot by trying to outfox the Internet hive mind at the writing stage by trying to trick the audience into believing multiple timelines were happening concurrently.

They were not and the Internet hive mind (which I admit includes myself) worked out this central conceit after the first episode.

My tips for season two, Jonah:

More action, less clever clever.

Class dismissed.

In case you weren’t paying attention, Westworld season two rides into town in Spring 2018.