HBO have released an intriguing teaser for Westworld’s second season and things are looking up… for the robots, if not the humans who look to be mostly dead.

When we left Jonathan Nolan, his wife Lisa Joy and J.J. Abrams robot theme park series, the robots had only just begun thier uprising. Now, they look to be finishing it…
I was so incredibly excited for the first season that sex wee came out on several ocassions – I really thought Westworld was destined to be the series of the decade but it was let down by too much navel-gazing and philosophising.

As a result, the characters were difficult to empathise with and, despite a really strong (if slightly confused due to reshoots/edits) start, the series as a whole was next-to impossible to engage with.

If you were to say “That’s because they’re robots!” then you’ve kinda missed the point. Robots need to be more relatable to, not less. I’m completely on board with what Jonah was trying to achieve – the series an essay on consciousness but it was all just too repetitive. Season one should have had a shorter run than ten episodes (maybe eight?) but at however-many-million dollars per episode, HBO couldn’t exactly ditch two hours of programming.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 16.47.27.jpg

Back to the season two trailer – in just what, eight short scenes, my interest is piqued again. Ahhh, the poer of the trailer. It’s great to see Bernard back – he was part of the glue that just held season one together.

Great actress as she is, I had zero simpatico with Evan Rachel Wood’s robot Dolores so it was great to see her gleefully gunning down those park visitors. More of that, please and more action in general. And more of Thandie Newton, whose acting in Westworld was the very best I’ve seen in the twenty-something years since I first starrted following her every move in The Young Americans.

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I’m unsure if we should revisit William as the young Man in Black because the effort it took to conceal the season’s major reveal – that we were watching two timelines was confusing, uneccesary and ultimately just a gimmick. Less of that, please.

Westworld season two will saddle on up sometime next year but we could be in for a long wait as that could be fall, 2018.