1983’s Wargames ushered in a new era of hi-tech spy thriller and now, as cybersecurity rules the world, British game designer Sam Barlow prepares to bring back the paranoia with his Wargames TV series.

The show looks to be a fast-paced, high-octane thriller and seems to be heavily influenced by the same split screen delivery featured in Fox’s 24. The new Wargames TV also looks to feature plenty of recognisable, modern-day tech such as Facetime and social media. A far call from Matthew Broderick’s 8-bit dalliance with nuclear apocalypse.

wargames tv series 3


But this new iteration won’t just feature new tech for a new century – it features a new form of storytelling as Sam Barlow is the writer and designer of Her Story and the two UK-based Silent Hill games.

As a result, his Wargames TV series, from Interactive-media startup Eko and MGM, is an interactive show. This means you, the viewer, get to decide the fate of key characters and plot points, leading The New Yorker ask:

Wargames TV series

Here’s how Eko and production partner m ss ng p eces describe the new series: “#WarGames puts viewers in the middle of a tale of hacktivism, modern-day espionage and military intrigue. Through the point of view of a young woman seeking justice for her family, viewers will shape the story. Viewers will follow Jess Nurse as Kelly, an ex-military brat turned hacker activist, as she and a team of international hackers band together in an attempt to bring about peace. As events escalate, they may have done more harm than good.”

wargames tv series 5

While “Choose your own adventure” is nothing new – I grew up on the books of Ian Livingstone and the concept is at the heart of all POV video games – it’s new to television.

Why it’s taken this long for TV to catch up with the more immersive world of video gaming, I’m not sure. Will it work? I’m not sure, but I damned well hope so. Let’s see if the trailer provides any answers:

I must say that the interactive six-episode show looks low on budget and low on quality. This could be because the Wargames TV series producers have purposefully chosen guerilla filmmaking as it’s vehicle, à la the underrated Bushwick or whether the budget is really that low.

Either way, I will definitely be tuning in to watch Sam Barlow’s Wargames TV series when it drops on HelloEko.com, the Eko iOS app, Vudu.com, Steam, and eventually Xbox One on March 14th.