As Breaking Bad writer Vince Gilligan works on his Jonestown Massacre series for HBO, The Paramount Network (the new name for Spike TV) bring Waco, the story of the Waco Siege to the small screen.

The six-part story sees Taylor Kitsch (True Detective, Friday Night Lights) portray cult leader David Koresh, who lead over eighty people to their deaths in Texas in 1993, although he wasn’t solely to blame with the ATF, FBI and army all playing their part.

That’s maybe not too patriotic of me to say, but tanks versus a group of men, women and children armed with rifles in a flammable wooden building the odds don’t seem fair to me.

While Taylor Kitsch shot to fame as Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights, his turn in True Detective didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

And yet, he’s gained thirty pounds for the role and bears an uncanny resembance to Koresh, so maybe he is the right wacko for the Waco role.


From the looks of the trailer, one of the most interesting characters on the planet (or Krypton) Michael Shannon plays an FBI Agent in charge of stopping Koresh. Interestingly, the trailer has shades of Shannon’s long-time collaborator and all round genius, Jeff Nichols’ films, Take Shelter, Midnight Special though that could just be the red filters, film grain and desert setting.

I’ll definitely be tuning in to watch the dramatisation of an event I remember watching unfold on TV news.

Waco arrives in January on Spike TV. Sorry, I mean the Paramount Network.