Pinning down news about Mr Robot season 3 is like trying to hold on to a greased pig at an Alabama Greased Pig Pinning Down, Monster Truck and Chili-Eating Event.

As verbose as Elliot’s on-screen internal monologue and Sam Esmail’s scripts are, the production team keep their lips sealed when it comes to gossip… until now. Kinda. Sort of. A little bit.

We know that Elliot’s mental illness (Dissociative Identity Disorder) will not only continue in Season 3, but it will worsen.

While that’s kinda non-news, it does forewarn us to expect more trippy journeys into the corridors of his mind, more crazy plot-twists, more battles with Mr Robot and more scenes like this:

I’m tryin’ not to lose my head. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Sam Esmail said “It is about paring things down and focusing them a little more… it is not about changing the story. We plot out the whole season in an intricate way. To change one thing would have a domino effect.”

Nothing really new there, but while Elliot will always be front and center, Season Three promises to open up other characters.

So do you want the good new or the bad news first? Let’s go… good!

The Good News is…

JoeyBadass and Eliot season 3

Finally, there’s real proof that season 3 of Mr Robot is being filmed now

The next season will reportedly focus more on the relationship between Elliot and Tyrell. Not difficult seeing as Tyrell was AWOL for most of season 2.0 – The fact that Tyrell went missing only fed further into the struggle between Elliot and Mr Robot… that was the real key ingredient for why we kept him out of the season. We felt we needed to hunker down on the Elliot and Robot dynamic before we really re-engaged Tyrell in the plot…”

News - robot-tyrell

We think there’s a very real possibility that Tyrell and Elliot could actually have a pre-existing connection (as hinted at in S02E12) and when asked if we would see more of Tyrell, Sam replied: “We’ll definitely see more of him in season three” going on to say “these two have the same flaws and are two sides of the same coin.”

news - Elliot beatup

love-slash-cosmic connection demonstrate that Mr Robot Season 3 will go deeper into “what that relationship and that conflict will look like going forward.” but it may even begin to highlight Elliot and Tyrell’s similarities as well as their differences. Watch this space, you heard that last part here!

3.0 rumors - Angela in office

Esmail also stated that he will move some of Mr Robot Season 3 focus towards Angela and “her complicity in all of this.”

“There is an elasticity to her motivations,” he said. “You think she is going one way and then you realize she is actually going another. Now, she is part of this group we never would have expected.”

We know that Angela’s understands (some of) the bigger picture with what Whiterose told her in the Season Two Finalé and that she will be there when Elliot regains consciousness, but we’re still not sure exactly where her loyalties will lie: On that topic, Sam went on to say “That is something we are going to play with in an interesting way next season.” 

Portia Doubleday plays Anglea so well that even Sam Esmail himself says he can’t pin her down to which side she’s on that makes Mr Robot Season 3 f’ing exciting!

The bad news is… no-one anywhere on the planet can pin down an air-date for Mr Robot Season 3, but once our industry insiders, Billy Bob and Billy-Ray Earl catch that lubed pig in Alabama and call Couchpotato HQ, you’ll be the first to know.

*Oh, and a big shout out to Diana for the use of your amazing Elliot/Tyrell fan art. Thanks, we love it!

Sam Esmail talks about Mr Robot Season 3