David Lynch, Mark Frost and new home Showtime have been keeping details of Twin Peaks Season 3 under wraps but we do know many of the original cast will be returning, including (of course!) Kyle MacLachlan; reprising his role as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.


Twin Peaks Sign

We also know that he increases the population of the mysterious North-Pacific town, Twin Peaks to 51,202 when he returns twenty-five years after he first visited. This time out he’s investigating the murder of a homecoming queen and will be joined by David Duchovny’s transgender FBI Agent, Denise Bryson.

Actress Sheryl Lee will also be back which is very Twin Peaks-y as she played original murder victim Laura Palmer.



A gaggle of great actors must have been clamouring for parts, and other notable names include Naomi Watts, (Lynch favorite) Laura Dern, Tim Roth, Monica Bellucci, Michael Cera, Tom Sizemore, Amanda Seyfried and Jim Belushi and the man behind it all, David Lynch himself.

 Twin Peaks Season 3 debuts the first of eighteen hour-long episodes on Showtime on 21st May, 2017