August; the month France officially closes and good drama hibernates (from the French hiver, meaning winter) There is no good television in August. The spring and early summer shows have either ended or are on mid-season haitus, meaning we must wait until Spetember’s fall schedule and that can’t come a moment too soon for couchpotato…

First up, on 5th September, season seven of Ryan Murphy’s acclaimed American Horror Story returns to FX’s bloodthirsty audience. This season, subtitled American Horror Story: Cult follows the story of a psycholtic Donald Trump fan, who (from the looks of the trailer) begins a murder-fuelled cult after the world’s most dangerous man’s November election win.


September 10th brings David “The Wire” Simon’s 1970’s and 80’s New York porn-industry epic The Deuce starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco to HBO.

Seth McFarlane’s Star Trek parody, The Orville arrives forty nine years too late on Fake News Fox but the less said about that the better while Season 3B of Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC that same, busy Sunday night. With it, the struggles of protective mother Madison Clarke and her dysfunctional family intensify as they continue their new life at a sanctuary run by the even more dysfunctional Otto family.

After a terrible first season and mediocre second, not only has the quality of the writing on FTWD improved exponentially, it has gone on to usurp its big brother, The Walking Dead in terms of intelligence, originality, character development, shock and excitement.

Discounting Bruno Heller’s Gotham which returns to Fox on the 21st, there’s a two week wait until the one we’ve all been waiting for as Star Trek: Discovery boldy arrives on 24th September.

There was trouble with tribbles after showrunner Bryan “Hannibal” Fuller departed due to commitments on American Gods, and the series looked to be being built on dodgy foundations when screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind) was announced as one of Fuller’s replacements.

Thankfully, the show looks back on track and, with a non-zombified Sonequa Martin-Green at the helm, this iteration looks more action-packed than any previous Star Trek TV show. Whether the Klingon war be metaphor for the current, racist state of ‘Murica, we shall have to wait and see.

September 28th sees NBC revive Will and Grace while the 29th sees Marvel’s Inhumans leave their moon base for ABC on the same night as The Exorcist returns to Fox for its head-turning second season.

That’s my pick to see you through September, click here to see what milky treats your cathode-ray nipple will be forcing down your eager little throats in October.