Television is like buses. You wait for one series set against a new, American topography and then, with the news that True Detective Season Three will feature The Ozarks, two come along at once.

The official blurb on the third installment from HBO reads:

The next installment of True Detective tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.


Multiple timelines were jettisoned for the disastrous piece of dog shit that was season two, but season one’s dark, spiritual, voodoo-influenced tale of detectives Rusty Cohle and Marty Hart piecing together a mystery took place over the course of almost two decades amongst the bayous of Louisiana.

HBO confirmed that Mahershala Ali (MoonlightLuke Cage) will star as Wayne Hays; “a state police detective from Northwest Arkansas” so we may not be revisiting the same Missouri lakes as Netflix Ozark.

At present, we don’t know who will partner Wayne Hays but if season three holds true to form, it will prove to be an interesting pairing after Matthew McConaughey/Woody Harrelson and Colin Farrell/Rachel McAdams.


The good news is that season one’s Nic Pizzolatto will return to write season three while the bad news is that season two’s Nic Pizzolatto will return to write season three!

Okay, joking aside, other notable great news is that HBO has brought in the über-talented Deadwood creator David Milch to steady Pizzolatto’s unsteady writing hand and that Jeremy Saulnier will direct alongside Pizzolatto, who will make his directorial debut.

Saulnier’s Green Room was one of the low-budget, indie-punk highlights of 2016 so there are plenty of Reasons to be Cheerful (Part Three).

If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out. Imagine Deliverance with neo-nazis and punks.

True Detective season three is expected to shoot this year and hit our screens in 2018.