Sky Atlantic and Amazon Prime’s Tin Star was one of the unexpeted surprises of 2017. We all know Tim Roth is a great actor, but rarely have I seen such naturalism from an actor in a TV show.

After a titillating opening scene which left me saying out loud “That’s how you start a fucking TV show!” Tin Star unfortunately fell into some tired TV tropes, such as the initial premise; English cop as fish out of water Sheriff in the Canadian Rockies and an underhand corporate entity poisoning the people and destroying the environment.

But just as quickly, Roland Joffe’s script and Tim Roth’s acting threw the series and our own expectations out of the water by adding a certain… kookiness. I wouldn’t call it surrealism becasue that will impart thoughts of Lynchian oddness (especially amongst all those mountains) instead a weird, brooding unexpectancy like dark storm clouds.

Featuring a great supporting cast including Genevieve O’Reilly, Abigail Lawrie, Christina Hendricks, Christopher Heyerdahl, the series goes on to twist and turn and tear your heart out in an essay on the Jekyll and Hyde nature of alcoholism, parenthood, love and revenge.

Tin Star is out there somewhere. Go torrent it!