So far, all of my choices from numbers twenty through seventeen have been English shows and number sixteen is no exception. For the amount of joy that 8/10 Cats does Countdown brings me, it probably deserves to be higher, but I feel I should concentrate on drama…

The show is at its best when captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock are joined by Joe Wilkinson, for when these three do not appear, it feels like my extended family has been broken up.

I appreciate 8/10 Cats does Countdown’s¬†zany comedy isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s my go-to show to perk me up when I need a little fun.

Here’s the¬†8/10 Cats does Countdown¬†2017 Christmas Special featuring all three fave contestants and the hilarious Joe Lycett. Enjoy it before Youtube take it down!

8/10 Cats does Countdown