As San Diego Comic Con gets into full swing, there’s plenty of trailers coming out of TV land. First up is a five-minute tease for The Walking Dead Season 8.


Can you believe that it’s seven years since we saw Rick Grimes wake up in a hospital bed? The world around him gone to shit, an unrecognisable America where survivors fall into one of two camps – those out for themselves and those out to help the human race survive.

Or, as I call them, Republicans and Democrats. Because great as the show is, its lack of depth means that’s the only analogy I’ve ever seen!

Here’s the teaser:
If Lost defined the noughties then, like it or not, The Walking Dead defines the teens and yet, in its seventh season, I think even creator, Rob Kirkman┬ámay agree the action was a little stale. Perhaps that’s why he’s just announced he is ending the comic series.


Props to stuntman John Bernecker who gave his life for his art helping Season 8 up the ante (bellum) with more zombies and bigger stunts than ever before. It comes as no surprise that the trailer shows Rick, Michonne, Maggie et al prepare to defend Alexandria, Hilltown and The Kingdom from Negan and The Saviors so there is a positive – at least all out war will save us from Negan’s lengthy, eye-rolling stand-up routines.


Exciting as the teaser is, the most interesting aspect is the epilogue where we see Rick again in a hospital bed. The soft focus, bleached-out white room and God-like gray beard teasing one of several possibilities – that he is in heaven, that this is original hospital bed or we’re witnessing a major time jump.

Is showrunner Scott Gimple about to jump ahead by six months (judging by the beard length) was it all a dream or is he about to kill off Rick Grimes?

The Walking Dead is back on Sunday, 22nd October on AMC.