After this week’s season ten finalé, Doctor Who all but confirmed that the next Doctor will be a “girl”… (their choice of words, not mine)

In one of his meant-to-be-ambiguous-yet-totally-transparent-moments, Head Writer and Showrunner, Steven Moffat had The Master and The Doctor bandy around two lines that has everyone, myself included, convinced that The Doctor’s next iteration will be female.


As Mondasian CyberBill stepped forward to take down the weaponised Cybermen that were about to step out of a holo-lift, The Master sarcastically asks:

“Will the future be all girl?”

to which The Doctor replies:

“We can only hope…”

Make of that what you will…


Because Bill was present, it could have been a reference to her S10E01 girl crush, Heather returning, making her whole again and whisking her away but I don’t think so.

I adore Olivia Colman in Broadchurch and Peep Show.I love Gillian Anderson in The X-FilesHannibal and American Gods (apart from her disastrous turn as David Bowie.)


I like Maisie Williams, not cos of any Game of Thrones acting chops, but simply because she’s from Temple Cloud and I can’t stand Phoebe Waller-Bridge because Fleabag sums up everything wrong with British comedy.

But do I want to see any of them as The Doctor? Not really.


Might it feel a bit of a cop-out after gender-flipping The Master so recently? Maybo.

I’m all for equality and, as a time-travelling alien, his gender is not as set in stone as say… James Bond; if the quality of the writing and storytelling and acing is there, then cool. Chris Chibnall has proven he can write for Olivia Colman and place three dimensional female characters into some dire situations, so perhaps it could work afterall.


I guess we’ll find out for sure on Christmas Day, when The Twelfth Doctor has an adventure in space and time with The First Doctor before regenerating.