I’ve never heard of Spike TV before it announced they were bringing Stephen King’s The Mist to life, but boy have they put their all into it!

The original trailer, released a few months ago whet our appetites but, of course, trailers can be deceptive – Brian K. Vaughan’s reimagining of King’s Under The Dome looked to have all the right ingredients to create a phenomenon… I lasted five episodes because look what a crock of shit that became!

Here’s the new promo for Danish auteur extraordinaire Christian Torpe’s The Mist series, complete with:

True-to-the-original set-up – tick
Twin Peaks feel – tick
Shopping mall – tick
Religious (well, environmental) zealot – tick
Scientific vs religious message – tick
Modern-day Sissy Spacek- tick
Lashings of good, old-fashioned American Fear, division and hatred – tick!

What could possibly go wrong?

The Mist will reveal itself on Spike TV on 22nd June.