Showrunner Steven Moffat is throwing everything at the wall to esnure Doctor Who Season 10 goes out on a high…

“World Enough and Time” sees John Simm return to join Michelle Gomez to compete a triumvirate of Time Lords as The Master and Missy team up with/against The Doctor to battle with/against the Mondasian Cybermen, the original Cyberman from Earth’s twin planet Mondas which William Hartnell’s First Doctor destroyed!

Here’s the trailer for World Enough and Time:

Mondasian Cybermen haven’t graced our screens in over fifty years and were a gift from Steven Moffat to fellow Scotsman Peter Capaldi.

This comes the week after The Doctor united Roman soliders with Picts in ancient Aberdeen against a badly rendered intergalctic monster while Scottish actress Michelle Gomez stayed inside the TARDIS.

Perhaps after Moffat’s last-ever episode, the 2017 Christmas Special, this Scottish nepotism and Scotification of Dr Who will finally stop.

Everybody knows The Doctor is Welsh, right Russell?

Doctor Who, The Master, Missy, Bill and Nardole arrive next Saturday, 24th June on BBC1 around teatime.