Might Sci-Fi anthology series, Dark/Web be the next Twilight Zone? Hell no! Of course not! But it may take us on a spooky-ass trip into the world of technology à la Black Mirror…


The eight-part sci-fi horror anthology series Dark/Web, which wraps production this month and that hopefully means a summer 2017 launch, though they’d be mad to try and emulate our fave hacking show. The new series explores the dangers of a world connected by the Internet — imagineBlack Mirror meets V/H/S.

Here’s the spooky-ass trailer:

And here’s the blurb:

Combining a serialized narrative with stand-alone sci-fi/thriller segments, each episode deals with the dangers of a totally connected world. Each episode of Dark/Web explores themes related to the internet and the dangers present in the murky, unexplained layers of the web. Paranoia, isolation, vanity, loss of identity, the viral nature of ideas and social media pressures are just a few of the subjects the show tackles. Socially, the Internet is as unifying and divisive as it’s ever been; only now, when the entire world is connected, it’s never been harder to unplug.

Dark/Web Rene Heger

“Ahhhhh! Don’t feed my nipples to Trumpotus – The Nipple Eating Beast!”

Ever since Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits of the 1960’s, anthology series have never failed to capture our imagination. Hollywood just kinda… forgot for a while but with Black Mirror, (one of Sam Esmail’s favorite shows of 2016) and Bryan “Hannibal” Fuller’s re-imagining of Amazing Stories making him give up his Star Trek: Discovery showrunning duties (Boooooo!) and now Dark/Web, the anthology seems to be back bigly!

Dark/Web Gabriel Luna

One of the episodes is even written and directed by Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda who’s making her directorial debut, in a video game horror story title “Zero” starring Gabriel Luna.

If you recognize that name or face, it’s probably cos he played Agents of Shields new iteration of Ghost Rider, meaning the series is attracting some established talent like Nicholas Brendon, aka Xander from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Dark/Web Nicolas Brendan

…though he’s changed a bit! Also starring is the totally bodacious Sibongile Mlambo from pirate adventure show Black Sails.

Dark/Web Sibongile Mlambo

Brothers Michael and Tim Nardelli, and Mario Miscione; creators of the Netflix 2016 horror film Circle and all eight episodes will be directed by a different filmmaker, including:

“Zero” (Writer/Director Zelda Williams (TV’s Dead of Summer)

“Eat. Prey. Love” (Writer/Director Roxy Shih of 2017’s The Tribe)

“Rideshare” (Writer/Director Boman Modine)

“Blackheart” (Writer/Director Mario Miscione of Circle)

“Viral” (Writer/Director Michael Nardelli of Circle)

“Hacked” (Director Eric Salberg, writer Christopher Webster)

Dark/Web is set to premiere sometime in 2017.

Here’s the poster in all its glory:

Dark/Web Poster