The Dangerous Book for Boys, Conn and Hal Iggulden’s famed 2007 how-to guide is coming to Amazon Prime and its bringing Breaking Bad’s Walter White with it.

Co-developed by Bryan Cranston and Superbad director Greg Mottola, the Spielbergian-looking fantasy-fest arrive at a better time. Yes kids, it’s time to stop staring at screens and go and watch some TV. Or read a book or build an orange-box racecar to fly to the moon as the themes within The Dangerous Book for Boys revolve around one of my favourite subjects – imagination.

The Dangerous Book for Boys Trailer

The Dangerous Book for Boys
 focuses on Wyatt, the eldest of three brothers. Wyatt, Dash, Liam and their mom are trying to deal with the death of their father and husband. The boys have silently regressed into their computer games and she doesn’t know what to do.

So mom hands the boys an heirloom from their late father in the form of the ubiquitous treasure chest. At the bottom of this particular storytelling trope lies a book that will change their lives forever… The Dangerous Book for Boys.


Not unlike the Jumanji board game (and more recently video game), the seemingly magical guidebook transports Wyatt into a series of fantasy worlds where he’s reunited with his late father.

Ranging from Roman gladiator times to The Wild West, desert islands and trips to the moon, the themes and locations look to be influenced by 1950’s Amazing Stories comic books and simpler, more innocent times.

Speaking of Amazing Stories, producers for Apple Studio’s soon-to-be-made reboot just announced that another Bryan with a Y, showrunner, Bryan Fuller has departed yet another series. More on that here.


With a six-episode and thirty-minute running time, it’s unclear whether the writers have chosen a comedy route or a more educational direction. One thing that is for is certain is that The Dangerous Book for Boys is gonna be a real tearjerker.

The Dangerous Book for Boys debuts on Amazon Prime on March 30th