So, I just made the mistake of watching the first thirty seconds of the Stranger Things season 2 trailer. It doesn’t give anything new away, over what we already knew, but I just had to stop myself because some things are too precious…

That’s not to say that Stranger Things is so great I don’t want it spoiled, it’s not the quality that draws me to these kids’ Upside Down world. It’s just that there’s something… magical about the show.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 09.15.07.jpg

The trailer starts with Dustin, Mike, Will and Lucas cycling up to Hawkin’s video game arcade like they’ve ridden in from the set of E.T. The four friends don’t do too well playing Dragon’s Lair, but when Will turns around to ask the others…

Well, why not take a look for yourself?


I was just thinking as I saw the logo “What the hell did we do before Netflix?”
I do hate the way they put their mark on acquisitions, declaring everything from Star Trek: Discovery to Luther a “Netflix Original” but by contrast, they have brought us some of the best programking in decades.

Thanks Netflix, we love you.

Stranger Things returns to our screens on Friday 27th October,just in time for the best, spookiest 80’s Hallogawe’en!