Stranger Things season two hit Netflix today and I could not be more excited to see what Gordie, Vern, Teddy and Chris have been up to… sorry, I mean Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Eleven (and Will, I guess) since we last saw them.


If you haven’t seen Stranger Things, imagine Stephen King wrote Goonies and it was directed by 1982 Steven Spielberg.

With 1o hour-long episodes – though the last may be Beyond Stranger Things the aftershow that’s not an aftershow – this means I’ll be as in communicado as Simon Le Bon for the next few days.

Hopefully, I’ll be sharing my thoughts when I return from The Upside Down. IF I return from The Upside Down but there’s a lot of TV to get through before Hallowe’en and remember, I don’t get paid for this, so I gotta work, too!

Stranger Things Season 2 is available now on Netflix. Whatcha waiting for?