Put down that Earl Grey, Jean Luc Picard – you’re coming out of retirement which means the Star Trek: Picard trailer has landed.


Twenty-five years to the day after the final TNG episode aired and, after the runaway success of Star Trek: Discovery, CBS is bringing back one of the franchise’s most popular characters for a more cerebral series.

The minute-long Star Trek: Picard trailer shows little more than Jean Luc washing his hands, crates of Chateau Picard and drones spraying his family’s French vineyard – a place we always knew he would always make it to after Q showed him his idyllic future life in the final TNG episode “All Good Things…”


While the Star Trek: Picard trailer holds its cards close to its chest, there are clues to be found. A softly-spoken, possibly Vulcan female narrator provides some exposition before asking Picard in an interview why he left Starfleet:

“15 years ago, today, you led us out of the darkness. You commanded the greatest rescue armada in history. Then, the unimaginable.”

“What did that cost you? Your faith? Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself?”

“Tell us. Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?”


The Admiral opens his mouth to answer but the teaser cuts short before any words can be spoken. The Star Trek trumpet/fanfare refrain kicks in, eventually becoming Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic TNG (actually The Motion Picture) melody, and… CUE TINGLEBERRIES:

Patrick Stewart didn’t want to engage, only attending the pitch meeting as a courtesy. But when he heard longtime Star Trek novelist Kirsten Beyer’s storyline, he jumped at the chance to re-enlist.

Now, I’m not one who’ll obsess over the exact stardate but the “greatest rescue armada in history” surely has to be an evacuation of Romulus, doesn’t it? Which, knowing a little of how producer Alex Kurtzman’s brilliant mind works, means a time-travelling Ambassador Spock may just show up.

The CBS show needs to feature cameos from some familiar faces; choose from Data, Riker, Worf, Deana and Beverly… and hopefully, there’ll be less Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and Prohibition-era holodeck programs this time.

Unless there’s a temporal anomaly, Star Trek: Picard will beam onto CBS in late 2019.