I thought there was something off about yesterday’s Star Trek Discovery teaser that made it feel amateurish and, for want of better words, not The Real McCoy…


From the terrible silver font to the initial rock ballad, the GIANT SUBTITLES and the Netflix logo. I hoped what I was witnessing wasn’t true, I joked that it looked like a fan-made fake trailer, so I looked on other, major trusted Youtube channel film trailer carriers like Kino Film, but it was everywhere…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 02.46.25

I couldn’t believe how shoddy it looked. I was upset and angry as hell. Angrier than a Klingon and melancholic as a Vulcan when you forget their birthday.  Turns out it was fan-made… I should have realised when the badly inserted silver font read THIS AUTUMN, not THIS FALL – but like I just said; it was everywhere!

All I know is I’m hella happy it wasn’t The Real McCoy, speaking of which…


“Damnit Jim, I’m a professionally polished promo, not a fan-made trailer.”

I’ve since realised that Sarek is talking to a young Sonequa Martin-Green, so does this mean we may see a young Spock? Here’s hoping.

I can’t explain how happy I am that this trailer looks stunning not only feels like Star Trek but Star Trek for 2017.

The Real McCoy

I stand by my assertations that the line about learning Vulcan doesn’t quite work and even though the lighting ain’t great in the two (opening) shots I concentrated on, this pales into insignificance in the grand scheme of the trailer as a whole.

The Real McCoy 2
Come back, all is forgiven!

The titles look pretty and mean something, J.J.’s lens flares are present and correct, the score uplifts, the trailer’s narrative has throughline (Michael Burnham is to be the great unifier) and is packed with action, emotional beats and purpose. So when the original Star Trek: The Original Series leitmotif appears with the new Star Trek Discovery logo, it sends shivers down your spine before making you wanna punch the air with delight.

My utter disappointment has been replaced by hope.

Star Trek: The Real McCoy, which has recently been upped to a 15 episode order lands this autumn fall.