Writer and executive producer, Alex Kurtzman has confirmed that a Starfleet war with the Klingons will dominate the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

First Officer, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is an expert on alien races and has a fixation with Klingons:


“She is fascinated and fixated on alien races; particularly the Klingons, for reasons that we’ll come to understand are very personal for her,” he explained, probably going to paraphrase Kirk’s famous line:


“Given the fact that we’re at war with the Klingons in the show, she’s going to have a lot to say and do about it.”



With the war as season one’s major plot arc, Kurtzman (pictured above, left with writing partner Rob Orci) hinted season two would tackle the aftermath, as well as new stories and even the possibility of new, spin-off or anthology series.

“Each season needs to be about a different thing… I wouldn’t necessarily want to bring the Klingon War into season two…


“However, the results of the war are going to allow for a lot of new storytelling that will be the result of everything that happens and the people that are left behind; the casualties, the things that have grown in Starfleet as a result of the war. That’s what we’ll inherit in the second season.”

Star Trek: Discovery boldly goes where no woman has gone before on Sunday, September 24 at 8.30/7.30c.