Disney has reportedly tapped up Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail to write a “dark” Star Wars spin-off story and the subversive genius has already attended pitch meetings.

Now, before we go any further, I know what you’re thinking – “Hey! This is a TV site not a movie site” and you’d be right… but this is one of couchpotato’s favorite telly writer/directors so we’re reporting from a TV POV. (Plus IT’S FUCKING STAR WARS!!)

If true, the big question is which character will be the subject of Esmail’s script?

There are two obvious scenarios which the fans want to see – Ewan McGregor reprising his role as Obi Wan Kenobi for events between the end of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope – which I’m gonna go ahead and give a working title of Beard of Oblivion: A Star Wars Story 

Ewan McGregor Force Ghost

While the other possibility is the much-mooted Boba Fett spin-off called Boba Fett: Where? There, on the stair, right there, a little mouse with clogs on: A Star Wars Story.

Esmail was supposed to be creating a TV series based on Fritz Lang’s incredible 1927 sci-fi masterpiece Metropolis, featuring Mrs Robot, but hell… if you get approached to make Star Wars, I guess you drop everything including your Fritz Langs.

Kathleen Kennedy has suggested an announcement about the next Star Wars Story (the one after Han’s solo outing) will be made this summer, possibly at SDCC.

We’ll keep our noodles peeled.