I enjoyed Matt Damon slowly turning into Tom Hanks in The Martian, but not since John Carpenter’s hilariously bad yet somehow equally brilliant 2001 B-Movie Ghosts of Mars have I been this excited about a mission to The Red Planet.

The only downside is this time there’s no Ice Cube and no ghosts.


The “scripted docu-drama from the future” is a Global Event Series that tells the tale of the crew of the first manned mission to Mars in the year 2033 – just seventeen years from now!

The Daedalus’ international motley crew of astronauts must first safely traverse millions of miles to Mars and then use their problem-solving and potato-growing/toilet skills to survive upon the inhospitable surface.

Click here to visit Nat Geo’s really rather groovy website that accompanies the mini-series

I don’t really know what inhospitable means but I’m gonna go ahead and guess it means being on the surface of Mars is like being in hospital… on a table.

The brains behind the series, team Ron Howard and Brian Grazer punctuate the scripted six-part miniseries with interviews with world saviour Elon Musk, Cosmos presenter Neil deGrasse Tyson and a host other real scientists to make The Chinese believe it’s really real, just like we foxed those pesky Russians with the faked moon landings back in ’69!

Mars premieres on National Geographic this November.