Ginger World Cup winner and creator of the brilliant Six Feet Under and the awful True Blood, Alan Ball returns to HBO with a new show in February called Here and Now.

Set in Portland, Oregon and starring Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter as parents of three adopted children from around the world, the seemingly perfect family begins to fall apart when one of the kids starts seeing things the others cannot.

As to what they begin seeing, the deliberately dreamy trailer plays its cards pretty close to its chest, but seeing Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter in a hospital waiting room suggests the family member may be mentally ill.

With Ball’s penchant for mixing family drama with metaphysical and supernatural meditations on life, I’m expecting something earth-shattering from Here and Now. 

Granted – that’s probably just me getting carried away, but I’m getting a slight Lindelofian The Leftovers vibe from the teaser. Maybe it’s down to the music and gentle pace but there’s a definitely a touch of the surreal and a clock shows the time 11:11 which points to synchronicity, and with synchronicity come answers to the universe…

Here and Now premières on HBO in February.