Hello, Friends! USA Network today released a new Mr Robot trailer for season three and it’s so chocked full of everything we wished for it feels like Christmas has come early…

And for those of you who thought season two spent too long just-a-peddling, this new trailer definitely doesn’t beat around the bush. Seemingly picking up where we left off, in the warehouse immediately after Tyrell shot Elliot, within fifteen seconds Angela reveals what we knew all along:


We may have known for two seasons, but the characters around Elliot didn’t. I believe revealing Mr Robot’s existence is wholly necessary to save the story from retreading familiar ground for a third run of ten episodes and it will certainly change the landscape of the show.

After it’s revealed that Elliot didn’t stop Mr Robot’s second stage of the fire sale, Tyrell looks to be talking directly with Mr Robot. This could mean a new perspective switcheroo or more Sam Esmail’s trojan-like tricksiness. It’s not the first time we’ve seen other characters interact with Robot – Darlene and Cisco seemed to talk to him in Cisco’s apartment before he was gunned down in Lupes Diner a year ago (for us, five minutes ago for Elliot and co.)

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 16.54.32.jpg

While the trailer doesn’t specifically reveal how Darlene was freed from the FBI, it does show a blink-and-you-miss-it scene in which Dom DiPierro walks behind “Darklene”, ignoring her as if she doens’t know who she is.

With our detective caps on, we noticed that the background graffiti, which reads “Legal Advice,” could be a clue to Darlene’s situation.

Could this suggest that everyone’s favourite emo/hacker girl has turned FBI informant? Methinks so!

Another sea-change is that The Dark Army has turned on F Society, setting up lots more tension and paranoia.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 16.28.42.jpg

While the first half of the trailer concentrates on Elliot, the last half ‘zooms out’ to show us the bigger picture – namely the world of Evil Corp CEO Philip Price, who declares: “World catastrophes like this, they occur because men like me allow them.” Wowsers Trousers!

In this New World Order, New Yorkers look to be living under a state of martial law with protesters permanently camped outside E Corp headquarters and army trucks rolling down streets. But a world where major players steal a country from its citizens couldn’t really happen, could it?

trumptower copy.jpg

The last stages of the trailer certainly up-the-ante in terms of excitement and action – Agent Dominique DiPierro closing in on our heroes, Joanna Wellick a celeb, Darlene branded a terrorist, Angela running from armed assailants, Elliot and a crowd of onlookers (presumably) watching a terrorist event unfold and Weirdy, Beardy Tyrell – I’m so excited that Christmas isn’t the only thing to come early!

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 16.52.12.jpg

If there was one element missing, it was the sci-fi angle that we here at couchpotato love so much. Yet, while there were no time-travelling shenanigans in the trailer, it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of Whiterose/Minister Zhang and her city-wide brown-outs.

That’s a clue, by the way!

Mr Robot Season 3.0 downloads on Wednesday, 11th October.