Hello Friends,

Long time no see! I’ve been away in Malaysia for four days but, in case you haven’t seen it yet, USA Network released this Mr Robot Season 3.0 trailer today and it’s freakin’ awesome!


The trailer has had less than a quarter of a million views, which isn’t many considering the number of Roboteers out there.

That’s probably because, at the time of writing, the video is unlisted on Youtube – USA network only releasing it after another mind-bending puzzle involving Morse Code digitally woven into Bobby Cannavaro’s tie.

The Season 3.0 trailer plays out under a spoken word version of Leonard Cohen’s song “Democracy” and it’s everything we hoped it would be – dark and brooding and ominous and terrifying!

Our real world has changed so much since we last saw Elliot and Co. that the first two seasons of Mr Robot now seem like a warning – a harbinger of the chaos we’ve descended into.

Sam Esmail promised he would tackle Trump’s Post-Truth America and, with army checkpoints on the streets and the population divided into haves and have-nots more than ever before, this trailer proves he’s kept that promise.

New York has become a dystopian nightmare…

Amongst all the usual suspects; Angela in a blood-soaked F-Society mask, Elliot silhouetted against the E-Corp sign, Darlene crying and Agent Dom DiPierro in a sticky situation, the aspect I found most interesting is that Bobby Cannavaro’s character car salesman Irving is a major player and is seemingly aligned with The Dark Army.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Mr Robot Season 3.0 drops on 11th October 2017. Only 67 more sleeps!