USA Network has announced that Mr Robot Season 3.0 has been pushed back from its normal summer slot…

While they didn’t reveal an actual day and date, we know the series will be returning this October, and while it’s sad news that we have to wait, the good news is that Season 3.0 will pick up where Season 2.0’s cliffhanger left off.

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Equally good news is that Sam Esmail will return to direct all 10 episodes of Season 3.0. Does that man never sleep?

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Like an anti-Fox news, we’ll be bringing you updates throughout the day but so far, Chris McCumber (President, Entertainment Networks for NBCUniversal) has said, “Sam Esmail is a true creative visionary who continues to deliver a series that boldly tackles timely issues and leans into the major headlines of the day. We’re eager to share the next phase of Elliot’s journey with fans this fall.”

While Jeff Wachtel (Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal) added “Season 3 of Mr Robot will engage viewers in a whole new way, with Sam and team continuing to find ways to surprise, challenge and delight the audience.”

Couchpotao always tries to find the positive and we actually believe October, when the leaves are falling and the nights are drawing in, is actually a better time of year (than June) for the series to return. In other words, Mr Robot can be quite Halloweeny!

We’ll be back soon with news why Season 3.0 has been delayed and news on a new cast member.

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