Those lovely people at USA Network have released a minute-long clip of Elliot at the CTF quals, whetting our appetite before the long-awaited season three of Mr Robot.

Their accompanying tweet is as intriguing as it is exciting:


[twitter_video id=”898674742634459136″]

The clip shows Elliot’s mad skillz help him breeze through a CTF Hacking Tournament qualifying round before hacking a domain while he seemingly tries to protect the computer of his hacker buddy Tyrell Wellick from a rival hacker gang. “I can shut down their access before the Dark Army notices…” If The Dark Army do notice, he’ll be surrounded by thousands of other hackers, presumably all wearing dark hoodies.

We see that Darlene is not in FBI custody, but is Elliot imagining his sister or does this mean she’s been broken out of jail? And who’s she with? At first, I thought it may be new cast member FBI Agent Norm, played by Rizwan Manji (Outsourced, The Wolf of Wall Street) but it ain’t.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 06.59.03.jpg

Has Darlene been kidnapped? Is Elliot about to be abducted by The Dark Army? Is Darlene even real or is Elliot’s Dissociative Identity Disorder back? Arrrghhhh! So many questions just from this short video; imagine what we’ll be like come October!

In addition to the Capture The Flag cybersecurity tournament, the clip shows a little of the tech nuts and bolts of hacking – a part of the show that geeks and non-geeks alike love. If you’re after a more traditional tease for Season_3.0 look no further than here.

Mr Robot returns for its 10-episode third season on Wednesday, October 11 at 10 PM/9 PM Central only on USA Network… and illegal torrent sites. That’s 51 sleeps!