It’s time for Couchpotato’s Mr Robot Academy Awards Best-Supporting Actress category, but which of the women (not including Darlene as she’s kinda lead actress) will get your vote?

Best-Supporting Actresses

Golden envelope at the ready… backpack on, hood – up and here’s your host who needs no introduction…

Our four nominees for Best_Supporting Actress are:

Grace Gummer as Agent Dominique DiPierro

Some people are born with one foot already one step further up the ladder, but just because Trump’s Public Enemy Number 4,342, Meryl Streep is your mom doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a top-notch actress from the get-go.

Grace has obviously put in just as much hard work as any of the actors and actresses on the show, and Dom’s ass-kicking together with an existential vulnerability have made her a firm fan favorite.

Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss

Portia is the saboteur of Mr Robot actresses. As Angela, we’re never quite sure who’s side she’s on – whether she’s going as deep undercover and owning the role to bring down Evil Corp, or whether she really is a sugar-daddy seeking, stuffy, career-ladder climbing bitch.

Just check the emotion she brings to the role by using just her voice and her eyes and micro expressions in the above karaoke video: 

Stephanie Corneliussen as Joanna Wellick

We think Steph, as we call her gets a bit of flack as an actress. Probably because she’s so impossibly beautiful. With those cheekbones you could cut yourself on, she’s almost too beautiful, if there is such a thing. And as such, she isn’t taken quite as seriously as maybe she deserves to be.

Memorable scenes of screaming after being covered in red paint and goading Scott Knowles with some of the sickest prose ever put on a TV Screen, before being beaten to a pulp by him take some serious acting chops. Proving Steph is not just a pretty face.

Sunita Mani as Trenton

When she’s not knocking hostages like Susan Jacobs unconscious, Sunita Mani rocks as shy and reserved Trenton. Unfortunately, we believe that, just like her male counterpart Azhar Khan (Mobley) Sunita just doesn’t get enough screentime to warrant Best-Supporting Actress, but let’s hope we see more of them both in Season 3.0 and that they survive Leon!

Mr Robot Oscars - Best-Supporting Actress Trenton

And just cos we don’t see enough of her, here’s a great photo of Sunita as you’ve probably never seen her before.

Best-Supporting Actress - sunita

You know what to do by now… but here’s how to vote for Best-Supporting Actress in the Mr Robot Hacks Oscars

Best -Supporting Actress 2

We’ll bring you the results once all the votes are cast and totted up with all the Russian votes…