So you know the score by now… it’s time for the Best-Supporting Actor in the Mr Robot Oscars – it wouldn’t be fair to pit Rami Malek up against anyone else… nor Christian Slater (even though he’s really the show’s main supporting actor with almost as much screentime)

Best-Supporting Actor

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado… here are your nominees…

B.D. Wong as Whiterose / Minister Zhang

If you need someone to act their socks off while wearing mascara and pissing on a grave, look no further than B.D. Wong, who was brilliant as the psychologist in the reality-bending show Awake – he gets to play male and female characters in Mr Robot, and throws his all into both, so take that into consideration when voting.

The impossibly baby-faced 56-year-old was the only cast member to survive the original Jurassic Park into Jurassic World!

Brian Stokes Mitchell as Scott Knowles

How far poor Poor Scott Knowles has fallen… from CTO of Evil Corp to washed-up alcoholic – your wife being murdered at the hands of fan-favorite Tyrell Wellick and made to burn $5.9 million by F_Society will do that to the best of men.

Best-Supporting Actor Scott

Luckily, in the hands of Brian Stokes Mitchell (who can also be seen in the excellent The Path and who is also an accomplished baritone singer) he absolutely bossed the role in the short amount of screen time he was given.

Martin Wallström as Tyrell Wellick

It’s almost a given, isn’t it that young Wallström is going to voted Best-Supporting Actor? Or is he? Martin isn’t only great when he’s trashing kitchens, watch his barely noticeable glance at Elliot when he first visits Allsafe for a great lesson in television acting (which is the opposite from theater acting.)

Best Supporting-Actor - Tyrell

When called upon, the Swedish actor really delivered, but Tyrell barely appeared in Season 2.0, so until we see more of him in Season 3.0 (as confirmed by Sam Esmail) perhaps the award should go to one of the other gentlemen?

Joey Bada$$ as Leon

Considering Joey Bada$$ or, to use his real name, Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott hadn’t acted properly before, he deserves props. The conviction the brought to Leon’s character was awesome – from philosophical, almost spiritual advice-giving guru to light-hearted Seinfeld lover to hardcore knife-up-the-butt killer-ninja – his range and talent as an actor was obvious from the off and this won’t be the last you see of him in front of the screen…

Best-Supporting Actor Leon

Again, Leon doesn’t have as much screentime as others, but when he rocks the mic, he rocks the mic right. If there was an Mr Robot Hacks Oscar for Best Newcomer, Joey would walk it.

Michael Christofer as Philip Price

You would never guess that actor Michael Christofer took an almost 15-year hiatus from acting to concentrate on his other life as a playwright. His gravitas as an actor is so incredible that he almost steals every scene he’s in… Terry Colby might be the last honest man but Philip Price is the scariest mofo in Mr Robot.

Here’s another nine seconds of him OWNING IT!

We know who we’re voting for, but don’t let Mr Robot Hacks influence your decision… this is a democracy after all!

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