So after Rami and Christian were snubbed for the at the Golden Globes, we thought we’d bring you our own Mr Robot Hacks Oscars, beginning with the Best Episode from Season 2.0.

So who do you get to host a star-studded 89th Academy Awards where a certain musical comedy is expected to sweep the boards? That’s right Jimmy… oh.

Best Episode - Jimmy

Instead of all-singing, all-dancing Jimmy Fallon, the lesser talented Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel hosts… Oh well. Meanwhile here on Mr Robot Hacks, you’re stuck with me! Sorry about that. And before you say it, yes we know that the Oscars are for film and Mr Robot is a TV show!

So without further ado, sit yo asses down and let’s run down the nominations for Best Episode before we rip open the golden envelope and find out that LaLa Land won this category too

In no particular order:

S02E10 – eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx

I’ve been banging on about S02E10 being the best ever episode of Mr Robot since about an hour after it aired. Not only because it was written by rookie scribe and friend of Mr Robot Hacks, Kor Adana, nor contained Elliot and Angela’s first kiss…

Nope, it was this extended sequence of Dom DiPierro’s good old-fashioned detective work which KRANKED the tension up to eleven.

Best Episode Lupes

Because like the best television, the audience knew the inescapable inevitability of what was about to go down between The Dark Army and Darlene and Cisco at Lupes Diner. The question was could Dominique race there ahead of this:

S02E03 –  eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd

Wow! What an episode! To jog your memory, it saw Tyrell’s infamous “Bonsoir, Elliot”, Mobley finding Romero dead and Dom DiPierro tracking down and finding the F_Society arcade using nothing but the End of the World Party flyer.

Best Episode S02E03 Romero

Not to mention Elliot’s glorious anti-religion tirade and the impossibly good Adderall sequence in which he banishes Mr Robot.

Best Episode S02E03

Best Episode S02E03 gifBest Episode S02E03 eye

S02E12 eps2.9_- pyth0n-pt2.p7z

The two episodes of the two-part season finalé couldn’t have been more different. the first saw Angela abducted and trapped inside an episode of Twin Peaks with a little girl and a 1980’s, Commodore 64 adventure game while all around us, Back to the Future references we just waited to see what would happen to Elliot, Tyrell and Mr Robot’s Stage 2 and whether Trenton and Mobley made it out of New York…

Yet, while Scott Knowles was beating the shit out of Joanna Wellick and Darlene was in FBI custody – the proverbial moth to Dominique’s eternal flame…

Best Episode - Moth

We were on the edge of seats guessing what would happen to Elliot, Tyrell and Mr Robot’s Stage 2 and whether Trenton and Mobley made it out of New York…

Best Episode - Trio

So, there we go three of the best from Season Two – all you gotta do now is hit the corresponding Facebook smiley to vote for Best Episode in this inaugural Mr Robot Hacks Oscars. Now HURRY UP AND FINISH WRITING SEASON THREE ALREADY!

If only there was a way we could find out what happens to Elliot, Darlene, Tyrell, Angela, Trenton, Mobley, Whiterose et al before Season 3.0…