Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for! Ten years ago, we’d have rushed to buy Mr Robot Season 2.0 on DVD, but since we’ve all illegally downloaded the show an hour after it was broadcast, we thought we’d have to celebrate in another way, so came up with these SPOILERTASTIC Alternative Posters for Season 2.0.

Spoilers are ahead, so if you haven’t watched Mr Robot’s Second Season, stop reading now…

You have been warned!

Here’s the real Blu-Ray cover, which you’ve gotta admit is a bit boring! We hope you agree that ours are much less boring, more professional and that we should be in charge of all Mr Robot marketing operations from now on!!! ?

Alternative - Blu-Ray

Let’s take a look at that ALF Poster again…

Alternative - Sitcom

ALF either brought Bluetooth technology to the 80’s or my Photoshop magic wand didn’t grab both of his teeth! Now that’s professionalism!

After the poor showing at The Golden Globes when both Rami Malek and Christian Slater were overlooked for an award, Rami Malek still had a smile on his face!

His beautiful mystery companion has been named as Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra. Thanks to all of y’all who wrote in to let us know!

Anyway, we thought this would be the last thing you’d see on a boxset cover!

Alternative Golden Globes

And then, we realised that we hadn’t addressed Mr Robot’s intricately laid, meticulously-plotted, labyrinthine storyline…

Posters - Hoodie

To be continued in Part Two