Welcome back, friend. We’re celebrating the release of Season 2.0 with some Alternative Posters and we know what you’re’ gonna say – “Err, spoilers!” Well, it’s months and months have passed since we left Elliot bleeding from a gunshot wound, and couchpotato is a specialized, Mr Robot fansite, so… get over it!

If you’ve somehow arrived on this page without checking out Part One, click here.

Here’s the first of the SPOILERIFIC posters again, in all its glory!

Posters - Prison

You’ve had almost six months to catch up with the show, and besides we (and the rest of the world) knew Elliot was in jail as early as S02E01.

Sam Esmail makes no bones about stealing paying homage to classic movies and genius directors, so we’re sure he’d see the funny side of this poster from possibly the weirdest scene in Season 2.0!

Posters - Twin Peaks

And while this one refers to a Season 1.0 Spoiler, it made us chuckle in the Mr Robot Hacks office!

Alternative - Graffiti

And finally, you all know Mr Robot is our favorite thing ever, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t a little frustrated at times!

Alternative - Threesome

That’s all for today, folks. We hope you liked the posters, we’ll see you very soon!