Marvel TV’s latest two outings, The Defenders and Iron Fist may have offered up the most boring superheroes in existence and invented a new style of screenwriting for Millennials’ short attention spans (which I’ve dubbed How Not To Write The Marvel Way) but at least we got to see Misty Knight and Colleen Wing meet, possibly paving the way for a Daughters of the Dragon series.


The main picture is a shot from season two of Luke Cage, in which Misty’s bionic arm is clearly visible. In the comics, it comes from Tony Stark’s tech but in the Marvel TV Universe (as is their wont) there’s another, wholly less likely explanation.


Colleen visits Misty in hospital, after Bakuto cut off the detective’s arm in an underwhelming finalé. There, Colleen states that her billionaire sidekick, Danny Rand (for he should be her sidekick given Finn Jones’ pathetic portrayal of Iron Fist) may be able to help her Farewell To Arms situation on account of him suddenly owning the hosptial.

Misty and Colleen may have crosssed paths in the building which The Defenders blew up but truth be told I can’t remember amongst all the bad writing and confusion. If they did meet, it would only have involved some clunky exposition and nothing nearly as interesting or intriguing as this one frame:


Confusing as the action was, I’m not as confused as a writer who shall remain nameless over at Digital Spy. First, the journalist who wrote this piece on Misty Knight’s bionic arm – for he is writing and getting paid to report entertainment news – states:

“Misty (Simone Missick) unfortunately had her hand lobbed off Luke Skywalker-style in the Netflix miniseries while fighting alongside the heroes against, well, The Hand’s assassin Bakuto (Ramón Rodríguez).

“But losing a few digits was never going to slow Misty down, especially now that she has some bionic assistance. But who actually made the prosthetic for her?”


A quick heads up… Does this woman look like she’s had her hand cut off? Hell, if a doctor took one look at my missing arm and told me Id “lost a few digits” then heads would roll.

In the version you didn’t watch, did the ensuing conversation not go something like this…

Who’s responsible for this? The Hand?

The Hand? Looks like your whole arm, mate.

For fuck’s sake! Misty Knight didn’t have her hand lobbed off “Luke Skywalker-style”, she had her whole arm severed.

If you had watched the series, you would have known this. Goddamn, it makes me wanna…


The writer of the Digital Spy article goes on to surmise:

“In Marvel Comics lore, it was Tony Stark who used Stark Industries tech to craft the weaponised hand for Misty. However, we’ve learned the lesson by now that Marvel TV and the MCU will rarely ever cross over.

“Perhaps a likelier option is Melvin Potter (Matt Gerald), the tinkerer who created Daredevil’s suit and whipped up some spiffy gear for Elektra too in the Marvel-Netflix interconnected universe. Maybe Matt Murdock can put in a call?”

Again, had you watched the fucking series you’re being payed to write about, you would have heard Colleen use her words to explain to Misty that Danny Rand (Iron Fist) would be paying for her arm to be upgraded. Yes, it was clunky exposition but, for once, it was necessary clunky exposition.

Surely, a pre-requisite of writing for a website as popular as Digital Spy is having to have watched the show you’re writing about? That said, I know someone who reviewed a swathe of novels which he admits to having never read. I suppose some people are just like that.

Luke Cage season two is filming now in New York.