In addition to The Mistress played by Michelle Gomez, Season 10 of Doctor Who will feature the original Master (no, not Roger Delgado, I mean the best of the modern era), John Simm.

Mischievous as Missy is n’ all, she’s no match for Harold Saxon. Who could forget his manic performances in classic episodes like The Sound of Drums when (in his own origin story) he was driven mad as a boy staring into The Untempered Schism… and not forgetting from constant drumbeat in his head.

We’ve had multiple Doctors in one episode, so why not multiple Masters. In fact, thinking about it – this wouldn’t be the first time as Derek Jacobi’s Professor Yanna reincarnated into John Simm’s younger Master, who then stole the TARDIS.

Moffat seemed to imply a power struggle as The Master would be appearing alongside Missy.

Actor John Simm confirmed the news. “I can confirm that it’s true, thanks to the power of time travel I’m back. It’s always a pleasure to work with this great team of people and I can’t wait for you all to see what the Master gets up to in the next series.”

We can’t wait, either John.