Is 2017 going to be better than 2016, or are we all in for more of the same? Do we live in a Wonderful World or Mad World?

I guess the answer depends on how perception… whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist.

Or as Elliot’s jail-mate, Leon so eloquently put it:

“Do you dream, Elliot? You scraping so hard like you ain’t ever asked yourself this before. I said do you want to be here right now? And I don’t mean like here here, but I mean here in a cosmic sense, bro. Like, existence could be beautiful or it could be ugly, but that’s on you.”

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The first is Joseph William Morgan’s (feat Shadow Royale) cover of Louis Armstrong’s infamous “What A Wonderful World” while the second is Michael Andrews featuring Garry Jules cover or Tears for Fears “Mad World”

Speaking of which, Our Couchpotato New Year’s Video is also a Tear for Fears cover. If you haven’t checked it our yet, where have you been? It’s pretty damned AMAZEOMG’s, even if we say so ourselves!!

This Mad World v Wonderful World could be an interesting social experiment in optimism v pessimism…

If one video weren’t miles better than the other. Do you agree that one is vastly superior to the other?

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