Britain, 1979. As corpses piled in British cemetaries during the Winter of Discontent, the BBC went on strike and a whole Doctor Who story, “Shada” was lost forever.

Until now…


Released this week, the Douglas Adams penned Shada reunites the original cast to see The Doctor (Tom Baker,) Romana Mark 2 (Lalla Ward) and K-9 battle against what look like Yetis to recover a book that someone has brought to Cambridge from Gallifrey.

Footage from Shada was spliced into the 1984 story The Five Doctors and, with the advance in computer graphics, greenscreen wizardry and editing techniques you’d have thunk the BBC could have similarly hired a competent writers, editors and special effects gurus to reshoot and reuse existing Doctor Who scenes. Perhaps John Smith, who was given a job on the show after his excellent Doctor Who/Sherlock mash-ups.

But instead, the BBC have saved the licence fee payer a whole load of money and given us a cartoon. Woohoo!

Shada will be released as a digital download this Friday (November 24th), on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday, December 4th.