After Sunday’s episode had me asking “is this the most powerful TV ever made?”, The Leftovers S03E04 promo sees Kevin and Nora travel to Melbourne, Australia…

The two most-recent episodes concentrated on Nora and Kevin Snr, so it’s great this The Leftovers S03E04 promo looks to promise a more Kevin-centric episode.

“Kevin and Nora take a trip to Australia, where she continues to follow the masterminds of an elaborate con, while he is surprised by a face from the past that takes him back to the traumatic events from three years ago.”

The Leftovers S03E04 Promo G'Day Melbourne Book of Kevin

Nora is, most likely, travelling with $20,000 which she will have to try to get through customs (à la Jin Kwon) to see if the quantum-death-ray really will reunite her with her dear departed husband and children.

Here’s the preview:

As usual, I can’t bring myself to watch it but even so, there are so many questions!

Who’s this woman in the peach headscarf?
Will Nora get zapped?
Will someone mistake Kevin for The Messiah and try to kill him?
Will Kevin and Nora make it to Kevin Snr at the farm this week?
And what brings the rest of The Garvey and Murphy clans to Australia?

The Leftovers S03E04 Melbourne

“G’day, Melbourne” was written by Tamara P. Carter, who came up with S03E02’s Perfectly Strange Wu-Tang Tattoo idea and newly-promoted writers’ assistant Haley Harris.

It was directed by veteran Daniel Sackheim (The X-Files, The Walking Dead, House)

The Leftovers S03E04 “G’day, Melbourne” departs on HBO Sunday, May 7th at 9pm