The day HBO asked hundreds of thousands of Game of Thrones fans to sit around their computers watching flamethrowers melt a block of ice to reveal the delayed Season 7 Premiere Date, Damon Lindelof, announced The Leftovers release date with a little less fanfare…

Ice Stunt 3

The expensive Game of Thrones stunt became a comedy of errors when the live web feed went down multiple times, and fans had to make do with a back-up teaser trailer.

GoT FB Live: Fear The Winter

Almost there Game of Thrones fans. Comment FIRE or DRACARYS to reveal the #GoTS7 date.

Game of Thrones 发布于 2017年3月9日


So the Lost and The Leftovers showrunner who, incidentally is a big GoT fan, made his own version for his series’ upcoming third and final season in his office and posted it to his own Instagram page

Ice Stunt