-Sunday Night’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver‘s coverage of the pending French elections was un fucking Tour de Force. Absolutement.

The whole of Europe stands at the crossroads of history; choose right (wing) and it spells the end of the European Union so the English host ended the show by transforming his set (live and in one take) into a black and white, 1950’s beat café – complete with accordion player, mood lighting and an impassioned plea to les Français

John urged the nation (in French) to demonstrate their superiority over The United States’ Trump vote and the UK’s Brexit by voting for anyone but Front National candidate Marine Le Pen.

En Francais, maestro Oliver was un très bon ouef, in English he was jolly good egg and in American, he was ON TITTY-FUCKIN’ FIRE!

Every single element of the show was a masterpiece – LWTWJO’s over-reliance of simile may not have lessened, but those occasional groan-fest analogies are now more well-thought-out and adhere more closely to the rule of three.

Set-up, repeat, pay-off = comedy gold.

Voici le 18-minute French election segment in its entirety:

With jokes about Babar the French cartoon elephant being a “cousin fucker”, the satirical proceedings momentarily took on more of an immature, South Park-feel.

Add in one KKK graphical punchline reveal and a pun about a hill-mowing French politician (you’ll know it when you see it) and this episode was proper guffaw inducing comedy.

Similarly, the show has been using many more F-bombs in the past few weeks and is better for it as it suits John’s angry delivery.

After four seasons and a decade on US TV, are we finally getting to see John Oliver’s real temperament?

Speaking as the man that singled out this pub-gigging comedian to host my ill-fated, underfunded That Was The Week That Was comeback twelve years ago, I can say “Oui!”

Bravo, Monsieur Oliver. Un tour de force formidable! C’est Tout.