Seminal British comic and subject of one quite good and one awful film, Judge Dredd goes to series under the banner Judge Dredd: Mega City One. How do we know? Because it’s got a fucking poster – that’s how! Because that’s how ass-backwards TV is right now!

Oh, and because Man-at-Arms (left) from He-Man tells us so, and I’m not gonna mess with a man who’s got more neck than Sainsbury’s has rabbit.

I guess it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be because the producers of 2012’s Dredd, siblings Chris and Jason Kingsley, along with Mark Stern (Battlestar Galactica series) are the trio behind the “big-budget re-imagining of the seminal 2000 AD comic book series for TV.” under the umbrella of their Rebellion Productions.

No-one yet knows if Karl Urban will star in the “gritty” live-action TV series, but he gave it all he had in the Alex Garland-penned, Pete Travis-directed Dredd. Urban has already made the leap from movies to TV once, with Star Trek to Almost Human, so he could do it again for a much more lucrative sum and seminal role.

Judge Dredd: Mega City One

This iteration will be shot in the UK and will follow a unit of harsh and uncompromising Judges doling out justice to crooks in a post-apocalyptic version of the US East Coast. Let’s hope they get the fact that Judge Dredd was always a satirical statement on Thatcher’s Britain and use Trump’s backdrop as a backdrop for more polemics.

Just so long as Judge Anderson appears in Judge Dredd: Mega City One and is played by Olivia Munn, I’ll be happy!