Jessica Jones S02E01 thru S02E13 have landed on Netflix for your binge-hest, but how will this more female-centric second season differ from the first?


“With Season One, we were being creative, as we went along. We were all finding our footing – the actors in their roles, the writers and me – and trying to figure out who these people are, what the rules of the world are, the tone, and the look and feel. By the end of Season One, I think we really established all of that for ourselves. With Season Two, we got to play in that. You’re not building it from scratch. You’re building certain characters from scratch, but you’re not building the world and your regular actors anymore. In Season One, you build the highway, and in Season Two, you get to drive on it.”

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While Season One of Jessica Jones suffered from the same old pacing problems as The Defenders and Iron Fist, it still managed to become one of Marvel’s best TV series yet. Daredevil’s first season is the best, in case you were wondering.

Telling a story over too many episodes leads to too much padding. The writers have seemingly planned out their beginning. They know their ending, too but they realise way too late that they’ve only filled five episodes with meaningful story and, thus, must tread water for the middle eight.

Men are meant to think in results-based straight lines and women in more emotive, curves. Might this explain why the majority of Marvel’s other shows race to the finish line and miss out the soft-centred middle?

Would those other shows (on the whole written by men) be improved if we only watched episodes 1-3 and 11-13? At least we know Rosenberg knows where to start…

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Jessica Jones S02E01 AKA Start at the Beginning begins with the superstrong detective following a pizza delivery guy who’s cheating on his wife but quickly takes a turn towards Jessica’s dark past.

In these days of diversity, inclusion and #MeToo, it’s great news that Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the first Step Up movie and several of the Twilight films, wrote Jessica Jones S02E01 and continues to showrun. Of course, there are many female showrunners out there, but Rosenberg has seemingly been leading the way when it comes to inclusion.jessica jones s02e01.jpg

The whole second season has been directed by women, including Brit Minkie Spiro (Better Call Saul, Here and Now) Irish Neasa Hardiman (Happy Valley) German Uta Briesewitz (Fear the Walking Dead, This is Us) half-Chinese Canadian Deborah Chow (Mr Robot) and Americans Jennifer Getzinger (Mad Men, The Sopranos) and Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena and daughter of David Lynch).  

The majority of the thirteen episodes have also been written by women, including a name you might recognise; Lisa Randolph (Star Trek: Discovery)

Jessica Jones S02E01 and the whole second season are available to watch on Netflix now.