When we last saw Jesse Pinkman speed off into the night, we may not have seen the last of the character. Vince Gilligan, the creator behind Breaking Bad and spin-off series Better Call Saul revealed that he’s open to bringing Jesse back.

Breaking Bad ended with a classic, if ambiguous, image for Aaron Paul’s character. Jesse Pinkman was freed after being held captive and forced to cook meth, before he sped off into the night.

If you’re eager to learn what happened after Jesse sped away, you could be in luck. Speaking with Digital Spy, creator Vince Gilligan revealed he’d be open to bringing Jesse back to TV.

Gilligan began by theorizing what might have happened to Jesse Pinkman after the camera cut away from him laughing at his newfound freedom, in the car:

“There could have been police right around the next corner. Or there could have been an unfettered, free future for him. I personally would like to think he got away, because he paid his dues tenfold. I like to believe he got away. I don’t really know in terms of what he should be doing as a career. I just hope he would get away, and meet somebody nice, and not be a criminal anymore and not face those horrors that he faced. I always liked that character. I always had a soft spot for him.”

jesse pinkman

When pressed about Jesse Pinkman returning on Better Call Saul, Gilligan said:

“You never know if that character may get revisited in the future…Anything’s possible.”

Could this also mean we haven’t seen the last of Walter White? Hope springs eternal.

Better Call Saul returns in the fall on AMC.