In the blue corner, all the way from their secret moon base, is iconic Marvel comic book superheroes the Inhumans. In the red corner is another misunderstood millennial mutant X-Men for Generation Y, The Gifted.

While some networks like CBS’, Netflix and HBO were knocking it out of the park with teasers for Star Trek: Discovery, Stranger Things and Westworld, it was time for Fox and ABC to step up to the plate.

Promos have become an art form over the last decade, they are your calling card. If you deliver something underwhelming, this audience of mortal geeks will break you., So which one of these two superhero shows is getting ripped to pieces on the Internet?
Is it Fox’s tired and highly derivative teen drama The Gifted? 

Why derivative? Well, lots of friends of mine have been complaining about the glut of superhero stories; true – there are a hell of a lot of them but I haven’t felt that at all – until now. It’s not the superhero genre, I’m just getting pretty sick of this high school prom/bullying/”Oh look, I’m a mutant” scenario. Hasn’t all this been done before? In 1976 with Stephen King’s Carrie?

I guess there’s a very good reason it’s X-Men in a high school, it is from the mind of Bryan Singer, after all. Read into that what you will. Well, the pilot was written by Matt Nix (APB, Burn Notice) and directed by Bryan Singer.

Or did Marvel’s Inhumans get taken apart on Twitter?

Okay, ABC have never been famous for their budgets (and therefore effects) but that doesn’t mean a whole Comic Con panel audience should laugh at your trailer and four scenes!

Respected critics weren’t much kinder with Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta saying “Wow #Inhumans looks worse than I ever possibly could have imagined. Badly written, horrible costumes, cheaply looking designs, film school level looking visual effects, unmotivated overlit conematography, (sic) unnecessary slow motion shots. The crowd laughed at the footage.”

While Eric Vespe chimed in with “Saw the Inhumans trailer at the IMAX tonight. I say this as a big Marvel fan: that show looks laughably, outrageously, aggressively awful.”


Most of the Internet hate has surrounded the visual fx, especially Medusa’s hair. If it looks this ropey on our laptops, what the hell is it going to look like when it’s screened in IMAX in five week’s time? Of course, vfx may not be picture locked yet, but footage shown at Comic Con should be locked, loaded and ready to go.

Inhumans crashlands on earth in IMAX on 1st September, and on the 29th on ABC, while The Gifted will bore us to death later in the fall.