Homeland S06E05 “The Return” aired Sunday night and featured a few rather familiar locations… and then it hit me!

(Sung to the tune of “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”) Homeland is Beginning to Look A Lot Like Mr Robot!

Here, take a look!

Homeland 1

First, Saul Berenson meets Russian spy, Viktor…

Homeland 3

on a very familiar looking boardwalk…

Homeland 2

Later in the show, a relatively new FBI Agent by the name of Ray Conlin does some good old-fashioned police work which leads him to the headquarters of a shadowy company which this guy in the middle tells us sits above “the biggest fiber-optic cable transit in the world, 96.8% of the world’s data, the great bitstream from which all else must arise… RIGHT FUCKING UNDERNEATH US!”

Homeland 4

I mean, it even sounds like Mr Robot, right?

Take a look at the shadowy building’s exterior and interior, and tell me if it reminds you of anywhere…

Homeland fourshot

Steel Mountain, anyone?

Agent Conlin even infiltrates levels of the secure building by elevator and creeps around pretending to be someone else before being accosted by a female member of staff.

Homeland 7

Unfortunately, he didn’t have Mr Robot in his ear telling him to be rude to Bill Harper or Mobley to hack her social media, so Agent Conlin was escorted off the premises by two burly security guards.

But, the Coney Island pier and Steel Mountain-like building aren’t the only similarities we’ve noticed in this series of Homeland

The suspected terrorist Sekou and his friend, Saad meet at Times Square…


Nothing too special there, as it’s pretty iconic New York landmark, but instead of roaming the Middle East, Carrie Mathison now inhabits a brownstone not dissimilar to Elliot’s old building and just a few miles away along Broadway and over the Williamsburg Bridge.

In fact, if you squint… is that Elliot sitting on his stoop and wearing a hoodie in the top right corner?


Imagine that! A Mr Robot / Homeland Crossover. Carrie Mathison and Dom DiPierro teaming up to catch F_Society.

Who would be the more mentally challenged, Elliot with his DID or Carrie with her bi-polar disorder? What a show that would make…

If only we could live in a world where that happened!

Finally, Homeland isn’t the only show to visit Coney Island recently – the highly watchable (but no Mr Robot) Hulu’s show The Path starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Michelle Monahan (Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang) and Hugh Dancy (Hannibal and Homeland’s Claire Danes’ real-life husband) featured scenes where Eddie Lane visited his estranged son, Hawk in almost the exact same spot!

Homeland - The Path