Eight years after the best show in TV history ended, and fourteen years after it began, Channel Four’s little brother, E4 will broadcast Mark Wootton’s Lost spoof High and Dry. To which I have only one, two-word question. Too soon?

One could almost say the series has gone to pilot!

Mark plays Brett Sullivan, a camp Australian air steward who has been stranded on a desert island after a plane crash… but Brett’s flamboyancy soon turns into true sociapathy as he declares himself King of the Island.

High and Dry will be produced by Henry Normal and Steve Coogan’s production company, Baby Cow who helped Mark create the sitcom which piloted as a Comedy Blap in 2015 and featured the delectable Jessie Cave (Harry Potter) and Chabuddy G (People Just Do Nothing).

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As someone who helped write, direct and edit a short Lost spoof (including flashbacks) for I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here Now in 2005, I really feel that it’s waaaaay toooooo late for a Lost parody complete with almost exact sound fx or that they, themsleves should stop referring to the sitcom as such as it will only garner similar, bad reactions to mine.

I absolutely adore Mark and have loved his work for a decade and a half since Cyderdelic, through High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman to La La Land.

However, my absolute favorite is the unmissable My New Best Friend and, which featured . Unfortunately with High and Dry, one of Mark’s weakest creations, Brett is one of his weakest characters but the one who has (unfortunately) won him a commission.


Now, if Mark were to play every character that would be interesting and well within his considerable acting abilities as Britain’s greatest comedy character actor. He is, after all, one of the bravest comedy performers in the world (with cohones so big they have their own weather system) and is at his best when creating havoc in an improvised mockumentary or hidden-camera environment.

Whether that’s channeling the ghost of Colonel Sanders, telling hidden camera victim’s parents he wants to kill and eat children or actually spiking American’s drinks and trying not to get himself punched, arrested or killed.

The man is a incredibly gifted performer, check this out from Exposed for evidence.


My worry is, having managed only three minutes of the Comedy Blap pilot, that scripted comedy isn’t Mark’s forté but I’ve been wrong before. Once.

High and Dry’s 6 x 30 minute episodes will probably crash and burn in 2018.