HBO My Gawd! No sooner do I mention to friend and site administrator, Paul that there’s no Watchmen teaser trailer and an hour later, they only bloody go and release one!


My boy, Damon Lindelof has done it again. HBO’s Watchmen might be set approximately thirty years after the graphic novel, but the location for this funeral scene looks and feels a lot like Mapleton, New York circa October 14th, 2011; the setting for the Sudden Departure and season one of his last outing.

And just like his near-perfect The Leftovers, this Watchmen teaser comes dripping with depth, mystery, intrigue and a horrible, insidious and gut-wrenching foreboding. This standalone shot looks just like season two’s Jardin, Texas aka Miracle, post Guilty Remnant.


The Watchmen teaser contains a certain amount of fan service for lovers of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s original graphic novel; Rorschach and his mask seem to have inspired a dys-Trump-ian cult following. There’s a quick shot of Adrien Veidt riding past the Black Freighter flag, the omnipresent, ever-ticking Doomsday Clock and the suggestion that the Watchmen will somehow be resurgent (is that Night Owl’s ship crashing through the trees?)… which is all pretty damned exciting, but that’s not what’s got this couch potato buzzing.

From this minute-long clip, it’s obvious Watchmen will be full-to-the-brim with what Lindelof does best – flawed heroes, religious allegory, existential angst, beauty, jarring violence, genuine affection, mass protests, death cults, love, betrayal, murder, heart-in-the-mouth action, spiritualism, carnage, mayhem, and, of course, the end of the fucking world… and lots and lots of tears.

So. Many. Questions! Like who’s this muthafucka? And can we see Ozymandius‘ reflection because these two are up to no good? Decades on, does the public know the secret about the alien invasion?

No other teleplay banger in the history of film or television has spoken to my soul in the way Lindelof does and I can’t wait to see what he does with the greatest comic book ever written.

Watchmen arrives on HBO in the fall. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.