From one Lost alum to another as J.J. Abrams’ finds a home for his epic sci-fi fantasy series Demimonde at HBO meaning he and my other hero, Damon Lindelof (currently penning Watchmen for HBO) may share nearby office space and cross paths again.

HBO apparently won a bidding war with Apple and the deal makes sense considering J.J. has a relationsship with the broadcaster on Westworld.


Not much is known about the series, other than it tells the story of a female scientist who falls into a coma after an incident. Looking through her experiments, her daughter is transported to distant world. Her father follows, and they discover a “battle against a monstrous, oppressive force” and the family is forced to fight in a sprawling alien war. Expect more Hero’s Journey, mysteries and deep characters.


Although the obvious translation of Alexandre Dumas’ word Demimonde is “half-world,” it also pejoratively describes hedonistic, pleasure-seeking women who know their own mind and have the skills to match… sometimes even referring to prostitutes.

Three demimondes, Lady Crackenbury, Mrs. Washington and Becky Sharp can be found in William Makepeace Thackery’s Vanity Fair (1848) and the term appears repeatedly in James Joyce’s Ulysees, so crossing the latter’s Greek god structural correspondences with sci-fi, with any luck, we’ll end up with something like this:

is one of numerous projects J.J. is working on; besides Star Wars IX, his new Stephen King series, Castle Rock debuts on Hulu in the summer, God Particle ready for release and filming complete on the as-yet-untitled Cloverfield 4; a supernatural World War Two film. Oh, and don’t forget the possibility of a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek!

In the words of QT’s James Motherfuckin’ Tiberius Kirk, Demimonde beam the fuck down to HBO in 2019 or 2020.