AMC has aanounced a slew of new shows, one being a new horror/sci-fi anthology series helmed by The Walking Dead‘s exec producer Greg Nicotero is coming our way, along with a Rainn Wilson alien series…

You should recognise the name because Nicotero is a veteran special make-up effects creator, producer and director who’s been creating practical vfx on everything since 1985’s The Day of the Dead to 1996’s From Dusk til Dawn and The Walking Dead.

The Untitled Rainn Wilson Project will be a one-hour scripted series that follows an alien entity which takes over the body of a poly-addicted, middle-aged man living in the San Fernando Valley but not before we get to see Rainn Wilson as Harcourt “Harry” Mudd in Star Trek: Discovery. 


Hot on the heels of Tom Cruise’s awful, awful The Mummy reboot, Shock Theater was a package of 52 pre-1948 classic Universal Studios horror movies like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy released for television syndication in October 1957.

Nicotero says each episode of the horror anthology series will be a separate story for and they’ll all pay tribute to all manner of B-movie classics.

Underbelly and Wicked West are two further horror anthology series the first focusing on celebrity lifestyles and the Wild West briging cowboy zombies, probably. While these are only in early development, I’d expect at least two of them to go to series.

Either one, two, three or all four of Underbelly, Wicked West, The Untitled Rainn Wilson Project or Shock Theater curtain will hopefully open in 2018 or 2019.